Business Grade Connectivity

A reliable flexible telecommunications solution backed by a company that provides business and technical advice in plain English.

Looking for a new phone system then you have come to the right place. We make it simple, no packages to choose from, we give you all the features available and you choose what you want to use or not use. We know that the world of telecoms is filled with buzz words so we encourage our customers to call us when they want to make a change and speak to us in plain English. You can make the changes yourself or we will do it for free, normally while you are on the phone.


The non technical desciption of our service is a phone system which delivers the same or a higher quality phone call than a traditional phone line, that is easy to configure, and is backed by an exceptional level of service and support.

Why We Are Different

At MSP Phones we pride ourselves on delivering VoIP solutions that work. In the past when you bought a telephone system someone would talk to you about how you wanted it to work, so you could get the best out of it. Today many suppliers just provide an “intuitive interface” and leave you to do the work. We don’t; we do it all for you so you can get on with running your business.

If you want the “intuitive interface” you can have that as well. As we work with our customers as business consultants we provide solutions which are tailored to customer needs. If we don’t have your market covered call us and we will talk about what you need and build the solution for that, without charging extra. Our service is well received we have a very low churn rate compared to the industry average.


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