Looking for a new phone system? Then you have come to the right place. We make it simple, no packages to choose from, we give you all the features available and you choose what you want to use or not use. We know that the world of telecoms is filled with buzz words so we encourage our customers to call us when they want to make a change and speak to us in plain English. You can make the changes yourself or we will do it for free, normally while you are on the phone.

What makes us different is our service. When you call us we want to help you not just move onto the next call. We have a very low churn rate where customers leave us for other providers because we want to be your partner not your supplier. 
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The Business

We invest in our staff and our systems to deliver you the service you deserve. Our cloud based telephone exchange is owned by us, we do not resell someone else’s platform, and we have 24×7 support on this platform. We invest in our business ensuring we use the right in house solutions. But above all we recruit the right people and work as a team having fun delivering you your solution. We have a very personal realtionship with many of our customers as we are part of their team.


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