Keeping the appointment book full whilst dealing with enquiries on the animals who are on todays operating list is a challenge. Customers all seem to call at the same time and they all need answering.

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Case Study

Working with two practices one of which is only open part time was a challenge. With two different numbers call diversion became a challenge and customers were getting engaged tones.

We implemented a system which combined the two numbers into one call flow. No matter which number was called the calls are presented at both practices. A high volume of calls happen first thing in the morning so a queue was put in place so no one got an engaged tone. People don’t mind waiting as they know they are in a queue and people cannot jump the queue to get the appointment they need. 

Later in the day there are the enquiries about animals which have been operated on, and these can be transferred to the team who look after this.

When someone arrives to collect their pet, the receptionist presses an intercom button to announce to the nurses in the back room that the owner is here.

When the system was installed it went live at 10am, and the receptionists reported they were busier than normal. The day diary was filled by 1pm two hours earlier than normal. This continued and allowed another vet to join the team.

Not only did the business grow but the new system resulted in a lower phone bill

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Features A Vet Uses

The system has many functions but not all of these are appropriate for a vet. Here are some of the features that are used.

Call Queue

The silver bullet to engaged tones, callers are dealt with in the order they called in. Customers maybe stressed as their pet is ill, an engaged tone can lead to them calling another practice.

Out of Hours

An emergency needs to be dealt with quickly, but you may need to move to a more appropriate place. Get control of your personal time being informed of emergencies by text, and calling the customer back when you are ready.

Alternatively if you use another provider you can transfer the call to them.

Mobile Phone Fall Back

With the phone being such a fundemental part of the business, if the broadband fails the system drops back to a mobile network still using the landline number. Incomming calls are handled as normal.


Easily communicate with the nurses in the back room to announce that an owner has arrived. This saves alot of time, it may just take a minute to walk to the back room, but how many times a year does this happen?