Our solution has all the features a business needs. What makes our system better is our staff who will understand your needs and set the system up to do exactly that. Tweaks and changes are free of charge and a simple cost plan means there are no hidden costs.

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Case Study

If you look at the other sectors that we have on our website you will see we make our solution appropriate for their needs.

We don’t have a case study as their isn’t a generic business out there, sectors provide some common needs, but each customers system is slightly different.

Thats what make us different, one size does not fit all.

We know this works as we have a very low churn rate, customers stay with us as we engage with them to ensure they are happy.

Please make contact and we can listen to your needs a propose a solution.

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Features for SMB – Corporate

The technical manual for a our system runs into hundreds of pages. You are experts in your business and we are experts in ours.



Please call us to discuss your needs, we don’t want you to waste your time picking the pieces you think you need.

Call Divert

 Set up diverts within the business or push the calls out to our mobile app or a mobile number. The caller doesn’t know the destination the call is diverted to.



Provide a menu to allow customers to select the department they need to talk to, or call extensions directly if they know the number.

Voicemail to Email

Present customers with professional voicemail that will also take the voicemail and email as an attatchment to the recipient. Added to that the system captures the number of the caller so you don’t have to repeatedly listen to a call to catch the number when it is said too fast.

Group Hunt

Set up call flows that ensure your customers get to the right people quickly. Hunt strategies exist such as ring all, ring in order, call the most idle and can be cascaded.


With a high volume of calls put your users into a queue so they get answered in order. Keep them informed of where they are in the queue and offer an option to leave a message.

CRM Integration

Link to many well known CRM systems allowing call data to be recorded, auto popup of callers record and more. We use Zoho and have this fully integrated ourselves.