Whilst you are delivering treatments you need to know your team are keeping your appointment book full.

A customer will never get an engaged tone, and with call recording you can ensure your team are delivering the service you want.

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Case Study

This podiatrist had an old phone system using ISDN lines, and customers were saying the business number was always engaged. Putting in an additional line was expensive so migrating to our solution saved money.

When too many people call at the same time they are placed in a queue which tells them their position and allows them to leave the queue and leave a voicemail so the staff can return the call. The number is captured so the staff can use click to dial to call the customer back. 

The system automatically opens and closes so out of hours customers can leave a message.

When Covod-19 struck the flexibility of the system came into its own. Using the mobile app the customer was able to call patients from home using the practice phone number to rebook their appointments so the business could hit the ground running when allowed to do so.

With Covid-19 there is also a requirement to inform anyone who is coming the rules. Whilst this is also performed by the staff the system also plays a short message on any incoming call so no one can sat they were not told.

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Features Podiatrists Like

We have many features on our system, below is a short list that podiatrists like.

Call Queue

When the phone cannot be answered a polite message is played allowing them to wait or leave a message. If the call connot be answered in a defined period it takes them through to a voicemail so no one is holding for ever. People are quite happy to wait as they know how many calls are in front of them.

Mobile App

Allowing the business owner to handle calls when not in the building. It can also be used for a remote overflow to handle calls.

Automated Annoucement

Before Covid there wasn’t a need, but this now makes this list and the business owner can say with 100% confidence that everyone has been told not to attend if they or any members of their household have symptoms.

Call Transfer

A call needing to be dealt with by the podiatrist can be moved to the surgery. Accounts enquiries can be sent to the correct person and their voicemail if they are not there so the receptionists can get on with what is important.

Call Statistics

Your reception team tell you that you need an extra member. Use hard facts to work out if this is the case and what hours you need this person for. It also works the other way what hours you don’t need people for.