Not only do you need to show and sell your properties but you need to maintain them. Your not in the office all the time so you need a phone system in your pocket. You want to provide the best experience but there are some customers who call the emergency number for a dripping tap at midnight when they return from the pub. We can help you get your family time back.

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Case Study

Our customer has four staff members but as the business became more successful needed a better telephone system.

During the day the system works as a simple phone system, answering calls, making calls and transferring calls.

At night and on bank holidays it moves into automation mode, taking voicemails for none emergencies allowing tenants to log issues at anytime and house hunters to leave messages, but also has an emergency feature where the tenant leaves a message which is emailed to the on call person, and a text message sent. The callers number is captured, so they can quickly return the call from the app using the business landline number. This also allows them to decide what is an emergency and what isn’t without engaging with an awkward tennant.

The business owners can enjoy their family time, but also know that if a prospective owner or tenant calls out of hours, the message is taken and they see a professional service which offers out of hours service.

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Letting Agents Features

Our system has many features, not all are useful for the letting agent but here are some that are appropriate.

Call Recording

Avoid misunderstandings and outright lies against you and your staff. If someone is being dishonest but know you have a recording it limits their capability to continue. “I’m not paying my rent as I told you the washing machine was broken two months ago”

Call Transfer

Easily get the call from the person who answered the phone to the relevant person, whether they are in the office or not. You no longer need to give your mobile number when arranging a viewing.

Out Of Hours Service

Your message says you are closed and they can leave a voicemail but if this is an emergancy press 1 and a message it taken and the night duty person informed. They can then call back from the landline number no matter where they are.

Divert To Mobile

Rather than use the app divert the call directly to your mobile number without the customer knowing your mobile number.