You’re a school. This means that you need to minimise calls to reception as they have pupils, staff and visitors to deal with as well as inbound calls. We achieve this immediately and continually improve it further over time. You have SIMS, why not use it? We can pop the caller’s SIMS record onto the screen of the recipient and if it is a parent with a new number we make adding that a doddle which means SIMS can prove who called who and when! No CapEx and huge savings on calls means even a deficit budget school can move to a superior solution with ease. Contact us for a no-pressure conversation and we will arrange for you to speak with one of our clients.

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Case Study

The school was being flooded with calls, and the volume was such that they all couldn’t be dealt with. The costs were high and an alternative was needed.

The solution reduced the phone bill by 50% and with automated systems the workload became manageable.

An IVR handles many of the morning calls, for non attendance the parents leave a voicemail. Calls to back office functions are sent straight to the back office leaving the receptionist to deal with the others.

Every staff member has a voicemail so calls can be sent to the right person with no message taking at the front desk. Announcements are recorded for unusual events such as snow days, which reduces the number of calls requiring human intervention.

Calls are recorded including 999 calls so the school can prove they performed their duty of care.

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Features Schools Like

Our solution has many features here are some schools have found useful.

Automated Call Handling (IVR)

The ability to get the caller to the destination with out a human being involved, with direct dial if they know the extension number. This saves a lot of resource.

Call Recording

Your staff are never right, and someone told a parent this! Trace the call and listen to what happened to control a dispute.


Avoid messages being taken and lost. The system takes the message and also collects the callers number when available.

This is also used to report non attendance, meaning many parents can all leave a message at the same time.


999 Service

This makes the list as schools are our biggest user of this service. The calls are logged and recorded to protect your staff in the case of a complaint.