During the day it is all about peak times and not losing those customer calls, a queue helps you get to them and professional voicemail that also collects the customer number from the caller ID means you can call your customers back.

Out of hours it is about protecting your personal time, get the customer to confirm it is an emergency, then you can call them back from the landline number using your mobile phone from anywhere

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Case Study

Castleview Dental have been a customer for five years. When they started the business they needed a cost efficient system, that could grow with them.

Today nobody gets an engaged tone, if its busy customers come into a queue and are given the option to hold or leave a message. The majority choose to hold as they are told there position in the queue and one of the two receptionist will be available shortly.

Out of hours a announcement is played informing customers of the opening hours, but if it is an emergency press 1. The solution then takes a message and sends a text to the principle dentist, and emails the voicemail allowing the principle to just click to listen. When he is ready to call back its a simple click on the number and the mobile app dials out with the practice number, avoiding the principles mobile number being sent to the customer.

Broadband is provided via our router, so PCI compliance is attained, and the customers also have access to a guest WiFi whilst they wait, which is completely secure from the Exact dental system.


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Some of the features of our solution

There are many things our solution can do, but for a dental practice we have a few which are well recieved and liked.

Call Queues

The customer is originally greeted with a standard ringing tone. If the receptionist does not answer in a defined period an announcement is made telling the customer their position in the queue and the option to leave a message.

Text Messages For Emergencies

An emergency needs to be dealt with quickly, but you may need to move to a more appropriate place. Get control of your personal time being informed of emergencies by text, and calling the customer back when you are ready.

Call Recording

You can record the calls if you want to, its up to you.

Managed Opening Hours

The solution automatically moves the practice from night mode to day mode, and understands bank holidays. The times can be over-ridden by typing a code in.

Protect Your Mobile Number

The app for your mobile phone allows you to make and recieve calls on your mobile phone without the customer knowing your mobile number.

You are in control and you don’t need to carry two phones