You work hard to generate interest in a vehicle so you want to answer the query our mobile app allows you to answer the call anywhere. Never give out your mobile phone number again so the awkward customer cannot disturb your family time.

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Case Study

The client has a small team of three and needs to have a high turnover of vehicles to make a good living.

Ads are placed on Auto Trader so its vital that the calls are answered without the need to have someone sat by the phone all day. If the calls cannot be answered the voicemail kicks in and takes a message capturing their number. 

Outbound calls are made with the company landline number from where ever the sales rep is, so on his day off the rest of the team can deal with that person. We all know that a lot of people call back from the received calls list, so not using a mobile number is important.

Call recording also adds to the security of the transaction, not that a customer will ever be dishonest, the simple knowledge that the call is recorded and can be sent to the customer ends any misunderstandings.

Easy call transfer allows the call to be transferred to the sales rep making the sale.

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Features Car Dealerships Like

There are many features in our solution, here are some which assist the car dealerships.

Mobile App

Make and receive calls from the car lot or anywhere using the landline number. Customers do not get the sales reps number.

Call Transfer

The call needs to go to the person who is making the sale, but they are not always in the office. You can transfer the call to the mobile app or directly to their mobile number without giving this to the customer.

Group Hunt

You define who’s phone / app the call goes to, ringing phones one by one or all phones. It can also ring external mobile numbers.

Call Recording

Misunderstandings happen and trading standards seem to be on the side of the customer. Prove what was and wasn’t said. Emailing the call to the customer who is disputing something quite often solves the situation before it becomes nasty

Call Parking

The customer wants to talk to a individual who is maybe in the lot but wants to take it at their desk. You don’t need to wait just park the call and they pick it up upon their return.

External Bell

An external unit that rings when the phone is ringing, useful in a noisy enviroment where the phone cannot be heard. We would argue that it is no longer needed with the mobile phone app, but some customers like them.