A professional system which presents a great image to the customer whilst being easy to use. No matter what size your practice is our system can help you manage the calls you make and receive with your prospects and customers.

Call flows which allow your staff to answer every call, coupled with the ability to easily transfer calls, to the recipient or there voicemail. Voicemails can be delivered to email if required.

Easy home working, either take your desk phone home, or use your computer as a telephone. Calls can be transferred directly to the staff members home and outbound calls have the practice number rather than a mobile.

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Case Study

A practice with ten staff needed to move to a flexible system allowing them to have multiple people answer the calls and then transfer these calls to the accountants or take messages.

The results were instant, phones were answered quickly and calls were not lost in the transfer process.

When Covid-19 struck they were able to instantly work from home. Some staff took their desk phones home and others opted for the mobile app on their mobile phones due to a lack of space at home. All outgoing calls were billed to the practice so the staff were not claiming mobile phone bills.

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Features For Accountants

Our solution has many functions that can be deployed, but not all are helpful. Here are a few that are liked by accountants.

Call Groups

Getting the incoming calls to go the right people, and if they are busy overflow them to a second group.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail is recorded and then sent to email, where the user can listen to it on their mobile phone or PC. We also capture the callers number saving you having to replay the message for the person who rattles of their number too quickly.



For a larger practice with specialist teams the ability to provide press 1 for payroll, 2 for…

Some people only use this during the busy periods, or it can be used when the normal person who answers the phone is busy.


Call Pick Up

If a phone is ringing in the room, someone else can pick that call up on their phone without leaving their desk.


Being able to transfer a call either immediatly, or announce who is calling to see if the person wants to take the call.

Call Parking

Placing a call into a space. This is useful when the person isn’t yet at their desk or needs to get a file. They go to their desk and press a button or type a code and the call comes to that phone.