Govt Needs To Upgrade Digital Networks ‘To Stop UK Businesses Falling Behind’

British businesses could be at risk of falling behind their peers on a global scale if there is not a sufficient upgrade to the country’s digital networks.

This is the opinion of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which released a report entitled Ready, Set, Connect. The document concluded that better connectivity needs to be achieved in the UK to improve adoption of 5G, create more flexible working arrangements for employees, and reduce costs.

UK policy director for CBI Matthew Fell stated the government needs to invest in new online technologies to bridge the gap between London and the rest of the country.

He said: “There’s already a digital divide in rural areas across the UK. Our ability to enjoy world-class digital connectivity shouldn’t be determined by where we live or work.”

Mr Fell went on to say the private sector has already contributed most of the £33 billion total investment to deliver full fibre networks in Britain, but the government needs to step in too and “help firms access those hard-to-reach areas”.

He recommended the government equip all new train lines and other transport facilities with full fibre cables; encourage businesses to be ready for 5G adoption by educating firms on its uses and how they can benefit from it; and allow firms to install internet connections in existing homes for private tenants, as well as ensuring all new properties are built with full fibre access.

These developments could make a big difference to businesses, as enhanced digital communication is essential for growing firms. Indeed, a recent article stated that companies should be adopting business Voip phones for its multiple benefits.

The report in Lancashire Business View said this included allowing allow employees to work anywhere with an internet connection, which will ecourage more flexible working arrangements.