VoIP stands for Voice Over IP, using network / internet protocols to provide high quality phone calls that can be sent to anywhere with a connection to the internet.

VoIP is a technology that reduces costs, some of our competitors who charge the same try to go one step further foward and get you to do all the programing of the system. We don’t believe this works, so we do it for you, and this means our customers stay with us as we are a business partner not a supplier.

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Pricing Plan

We make it simple, we have two plans one which includes calls and another which doesn’t include calls. All the features of our solution are included in both plans including call recording.

On a three year contract the phones are included. On a shorter contract you buy the phones.

We provide broadband and leased lines, and will always ensure your connection suitable for your needs. We can supply mobile connections as the main carrier of the calls or a fall back carrier.

Please speak to us, we will provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

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Case Study

We worked with a  vet who had four lines, but the customers were getting engaged tones. Our system doesn’t worry about the number of lines, it just keeps increasing them as the calls come in. The calls were put into a queue and handled in the order they were received.

What was happening was simple everyone was calling at the same time, first thing in the morning, lunchtime and during breaks. The economics of using traditional lines for just a hour a day was not viable, but VoIP resolved this problem allowing lots of people to queue and be dealt with in a quick manner by the four receptionists.

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