Use your computer as a phone, just plug in a headset and go, but the app is much more. It can integrate with your desktop phone, integrating this to your computer.

Click to dial from your Outlook, Google or CRM contacts.

See which of your colleagues are on line and able to accept calls.

Have instant chats with your colleagues, share files, start video calls.

Pop up records for incoming calls, so the customer record is there in front of you improving customer service. Log the fact a call has occurred, so you know what is happening with your customers.

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Pricing Plan

At MSP Phones we like to make our solution work for you, so we do not have complex pricing plans. We have two plans, one where you pay for calls, the other where all calls are included.

All the features of our telephone system are included as standard, so as we suggest you use a new feature we are not having to have a conversation about costs.

All users get access to the desktop app and the mobile app.

We keep our customers loyal with transparent pricing. As we change our plans for new customers these are automatically applied to our existing customers, so as prices go down, you get to benefit even if you are in the middle of your contract.

With low call rates in the UK of 1p per minute to landline and 3p per minute to mobiles, plus other great prices around the world, we know we are completive, and adding our customer service to this it is great value.

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Case Study

Internally we use a CRM system called Zoho. It stores all the customer contact details, support tickets and queries. When a customer calls in we know who they are, the system has already opened their record so we can quickly get to open tickets, see an email they have sent to someone else in the business. This all automatically improves efficiency and increases customer service.

Our staff like it as it makes their day easier. When returning a call, they just click on the number and the system calls that number. Calls are logged so they know who dealt with the customer last if there is a question.

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