You want to get a group of people together on the phone. Its very simple with this feature, all you do is provide them with a public number or get your office to transfer them to the conference, they enter a pin number and everyone on the call can hear and speak to each other. Used in conjunction with the desktop app you can manage the calls, for example mute the person who is driving and producing background noise.

Adding call recording allows you to have a record of the meeting.

But above all with your own number and welcome message it sounds professional and improves the image of your business.

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Pricing Plan

At MSP Phones we like to make our solution work for you, so we do not have complex pricing plans. We have two plans, one where you pay for calls, the other where all calls are included.

All the features of our telephone system are included as standard, so as we suggest you use a new feature we are not having to have a conversation about costs.

All users get access to the desktop app and the mobile app.

We keep our customers loyal with transparent pricing. As we change our plans for new customers these are automatically applied to our existing customers, so as prices go down, you get to benefit even if you are in the middle of your contract.

With low call rates in the UK of 1p per minute to landline and 3p per minute to mobiles, plus other great prices around the world, we know we are completive, and adding our customer service to this it is great value.

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Case Study

Whilst managing a project a customer needed to get a few people together to make decisions on what was to happen and the costs with this. The system allowed them to do this, and with other people not being at their desks but out and about the calls were recorded and then sent to a transcription service so the agreements could be uploaded into the project management system as a record for the decision making process, saving the company many email conversations.

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