Call recording does what is says, you can record all calls or you can use instant record which records from that point. PCi compliance is handled by the operator being able to pause the recording.

In many cases you don’t need a message to tell people you are recording calls, you can put it into your general terms and conditions. Some sectors must announce they are recording calls. Be cautious about the announcement that you are recording calls “We record calls for training and quality purposes” may make the recording useless in a court case.

In our experience call recording is useful to resolve disputes, it provides a definitive answer to what was said. It is quite rare to go back to the recordings, but you can do this yourself or as us to do it for you. The majority of our customers ask us to find the recording as they have forgotten how to do it themselves.

We include call recordings in all our packages and don’t charge for the storage of these recordings.

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Pricing Plan

At MSP Phones we like to make our solution work for you, so we do not have complex pricing plans. We have two plans, one where you pay for calls, the other where all calls are included.

All the features of our telephone system are included as standard, so as we suggest you use a new feature we are not having to have a conversation about costs.

All users get access to the desktop app and the mobile app.

We keep our customers loyal with transparent pricing. As we change our plans for new customers these are automatically applied to our existing customers, so as prices go down, you get to benefit even if you are in the middle of your contract.

With low call rates in the UK of 1p per minute to landline and 3p per minute to mobiles, plus other great prices around the world, we know we are completive, and adding our customer service to this it is great value.

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Case Study

A car dealer who has many sales representatives suffers from the problem that customers are not too honest about what they have been told, such as a full history of the car, part exchange values or their ability to return the vehicle. Being able to go to the call recording and share this with the customer stops them in their tracks, proving the quality of the staff interaction and avoiding complaints to trading standards.

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