Businesses Losing Out By Not Embracing Flexible Working

UK businesses could be putting £12 billion a year of economic output at risk by failing to fully embrace flexible working.

The HR Director reported on research from Quinyx, which reveals that there is a lot of dissatisfaction among UK workers when it comes to the flexibility of their current working arrangements.

As a result, the firm believes there’s a significant untapped demand for more flexible working in the country and that providing this could deliver economic benefits.

Almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of those questioned still say they have difficulty in building flexibility into their work schedules. What’s more, almost one-fifth of people said they thought they’d be more productive with their work if they could work flexibly.

CEO and founder of Quinyx Erik Fjellborg commented: “Flexible working is an untapped solution to the UK’s biggest business challenges: the more employees are able to choose the right schedule for them the happier – and therefore more productive – they’ll be.”

Businesses that want to offer their employees more flexibility could invest in business voip phones to allow people to take calls from locations away from the main office with ease.

The survey also indicates that there needs to be a significant change in attitude towards flexible working, with 67 per cent of those questioned stating that they hit barriers when trying to work more flexibly. Employer reaction was the top concern when it comes to requesting more flexible working patterns.

Last month, a number of US firms were extolling the virtues of voip phone systems, noting that they have not only helped them to save money, but also to improve business continuity.